Quick Ways to Give Your Home Kerb Appeal: A Case Study

If you’ve looked at a number of properties during a house-hunting spell the chances are you’ll have fled at the first sight of at least one or two without even going inside. As a seller, your home’s kerb appeal is incredibly important and making a great first impression is what will draw potential buyers through the front door.

We talked to Jan and Paul Davies to find out what steps they took to give their home and garden the ‘wow’ factor.

Garden Grooming

“Our garden wasn’t in a bad state at all but we did pull a few tricks out of the bag to make it stand out,” says Jan, “We bought a few cheap and cheerful pots for immediate colour and impact and stood them by the front door to welcome visitors inside.” Jan proves that you don’t need to spend much money on your garden, leaving you as much as possible to spend on the one you inherit with your move.

As Paul explains, “I recommend that you give the lawn some TLC and tidy up borders and shrubs, but if your garden was reasonably well maintained in the first place there won’t be much you can’t achieve in a day.”

Exterior Elements

Don’t forget to take a good look at the exterior of the house itself. Peeling paint and dirty windows won’t win your home any fans. Though many people can look past household horrors and see the potential of the property beneath, just as many purchasers will be put off by even minor imperfections.

“We cleaned the windows and the plastic frames, making a huge difference for so little effort. There was a little bit of broken trellis here and there, too, so we fixed that and tried to look at the house completely objectively,” says Jan. “I think that’s the key to creating kerb appeal – look at your property with fresh eyes. Potential purchasers will see those age-worn quirks as faults that will cost them money to put right.”

Spit and Polish

“While you’re casting a critical eye over the outside of your home take a good look at your front door,” recommends Paul. Jan and Paul took time to clean their door locks, handles and letter box so they were free of tarnishing, adding instant kerb appeal to the house. “The wooden framing around the front door’s glass panels had yellowed in comparison to the rest of the door,” says Jan, “I’ve always thought it looked awful but it was so quick to remedy.”

Driving Change

Creating kerb appeal means remembering the driveway, too. Your potential purchasers will get a good look at this on their way to your house so it’s worth putting some effort in to getting rid of weeds or stains left behind by your cars. Paul explains, “I hired a pressure washer and blasted the drive – it’s now looking as good as new! We also put our cars in the garage to make an uncluttered view of the house from the street.”

The Davies’ efforts paid off when they sold their property after only two viewings. When you’re in the market to move it’s all too easy to focus on the inside of your home, but making over the outside will pave the way to a great first impression.