Studio office

Building Your Own Studio

Building your own studio is an inexpensive way to gain extra space and separate your home from your hobby or job. Read our guide to get started.


Renovating a Pond

Pond renovation, from basic maintenance, to total overhaul, is a great opportunity to improve your garden pond. Our guide will help you to get started.

White painted fence

Fences, Walls And Gates

An Englishman’s home is his castle, apparently, and it’s the fences, walls and gates that help to keep it that way.

outside swimming pool

Creating an Outdoor Swimming Pool

Creating an outdoor swimming pool is a project with a luxurious, if costly, aim. We’ll walk you through the considerations of taking on such a project for your home.

Bright colours

How to Create a Sensory Garden

Design a sensory garden and appeal to every one of your senses. Colour, fragrance, touch, taste and sound come together to create a magical garden experience.