Garden Path

Basic Garden Design Tips

Are you creating a new garden, or renovating an existing outside space? Our basic garden design tips will get you on your way to a glorious garden.

Cottage porch

Adding A Porch

A porch can be a very worthwhile and useful addition to a house although there are some rules to follow to make sure it doesn’t turn out to be the street’s carbuncle.

Brick patio

Terraces And Patios

Patios and terrace areas, including decking, the new fad of the century, are all excellent ways of making the garden space part of the home and therefore much more attractive and usable.

Roof-top gardens

Building a Rooftop Garden

Building a rooftop garden is a fantastic way to gain a relaxing and peaceful space. Renovating has never looked so good.

Garden shed

Garages, Sheds And Outbuildings

Got the space to build something in your garden or beside the house? Take a look at our guide to garages and garden buildings.

Parked car

Pavements And Driveways

One golden rule about property sales is that first impressions count for a great deal, so it makes sense to invest in driveways and pavements.

Bright colours

How to Create a Sensory Garden

Design a sensory garden and appeal to every one of your senses. Colour, fragrance, touch, taste and sound come together to create a magical garden experience.